Tree Services & Land clearing in Lexington, SC

Tame Your Wild Trees

Trust us for top-notch tree services in Lexington, SC

Is there an unsightly tree or stump getting in the way of your beautiful landscaping? Now, you can turn to Blake Brothers LLC for professional tree services in Lexington, SC.

Our licensed and insured company provides the services you need, such as:

  • Tree removal: Say goodbye to your dying or damaged trees
  • Tree trimming: Keep dangerous limbs from damaging your home
  • Stump grinding: Don't let these eyesores drag down your curb appeal

Save yourself the risk of tree trimming alone. Our professionals can reach the highest areas of your trees to make them safer and more appealing. Get an estimate for tree services by calling 803-553-0643 today.

Make way for new construction

Make way for new construction

If you're planning a new addition or if you just want to free up some space, you need reliable tree cutting and land clearing services. Our skilled team can remove unwanted trees and bushes, so you get a clear space to build on. After a consultation and assessment of your property, we'll provide high-quality tree cutting services.

Learn more about the benefits of land clearing services when you get in touch with us.