Grading in Lexington & Columbia, SC

Take Control of Erosion

Let us take of your yard and property grading

You can trust Blake Brothers Lawn Care when it comes to taking care of your landscaping needs and that of those around you. They are dedicated to providing exceptional services at affordable prices. You can trust that despite the large number of companies offering similar services, Blake Brothers stands out for being a company who goes the extra mile in taking care of its customers. Our grading services can help prepare your yard for sod, remove unwanted dirt or land debris from your property, and more! Grading can also improve efficiency within irrigation and drainage. Call Blake Brothers Lawn Care for your grading needs and any questions you have.

4 benefits of professional grading services:

  1. The aesthetic look of your property
  2. The ground levelness of the space
  3. The drainage of water in planted areas
  4. The prevention of erosion and unwanted dirt